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Mentorship is a critical component of career advancement and job satisfaction. It has been defined as a multifaceted collaboration between a junior and senior professional with the primary goal being the nurturing of the junior professional’s development.

AADPRT offers three mentorship options: 1) Traditional Mentorship Program -- a one-year, 1:1 relationship for guidance determined goals; 2) The Sibling Program that pairs two programs to acheive goals less likely to be realized by a single program; and 3) Consultations offered by the Wellbeing and Burnout Committee -- one-off conversations to help with timely answers and advice. 

Traditional Mentorship Program

The purpose of the program is to support and facilitate career development through facilitating mentor/mentee experiences within AADPRT. This helps members who are involved in training of our residents and fellows get the most out of their career as well as enhance personal satisfaction.


  • Encourage mentee to work with the mentor to develop clear goals for the mentorship.
  • Mentorship relationships are expected to extend through one year (may be extended).
  • Commit to making the time to “meet” on a regular basis or no less than 2 to 3 times per year.
  • Keep the content of your conversations confidential.
  • Practice active listening.
  • Provide each other with honest, direct and respectful feedback.
  • Complete mentorship review form at the end of the mentorship experience.
  • Strongly encourage both mentee and mentor to participate in a mentorship workshop offered at either AADPRT or AAP if not previously done.

Requesting a Mentor or Mentee

  • Complete and submit the Mentorship Interest Form.
  • Once a request has been submitted, the Mentorship Advisory Council will review the request and assign you with the “best fit” mentor or mentee. An email will be sent to both participants to initiate the virtual introduction.
  • Mentor/Mentees will be responsible for formulating their relationship. We offer several “TIPS” to help with this process (see links) including the Mentor/Mentee Agreement & Individual Development Plan form for your use if you like.
  • Of course, finding the most appropriate mentor is much more akin to a special relationship which involves factors that are difficult to identify until you are in the relationship. If you find that the match is not quite right and would like to be switched, please contact Isheeta Zalpuri at

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Mentorship Tips
Tips for Mentees
Tips for Mentors
Individual Development Plan
Mentor/Mentee Goals & Contract
Mentoring Resources

The Sibling Program

Sponsored by the J.E.D.I. and Mentorship Committees, The Sibling Program is a new initiative developed from Sister Cities International – a program with a presence across the world ( 

The Sibling Program will match your residency program to another residency program and together you will explore the vast opportunities and experiences that you were less likely to achieve as a single program.

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Offered by the Wellbeing and Burnout Committee, these one-off consultations are designed to help AADPRT members get timely answers and advice from experienced members.​​​​​ This is in contrast to a one-year, 1:1 relationship that provides guidance and support for many residency training aspects. 

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