PA Caucus Committees

Leading the Way

Below are the caucus committees that manage the key areas of focus for Program Administrators.

If you have interest in serving on a caucus committee, please contact Caucus Chair Sharon Ezzo.


Develops and maintains the mentor list.
Chair: Britany Ratliff

Website Management

Works with members to ensure that the Program Administrator section of the AADPRT website is up to date and relevant, monitors the listserv for trends, and educates members on available resources. 
Chair: Deborah Bibeau

Program Planning

Develops the annual meeting program; confirming presentations and speakers, planning networking activities, and working with the Executive Director on meeting needs. Post event, they survey attendees for feedback.
Co-chairs: Juliet Arthur, Roopali Bhargava, Lora Goudreau

Professional Development and TAGME 

Creates/maintains the Program Administrator handbook, creates/updates the basic job description, presents on relevant topics at the annual meeting. Educates members regarding the benefits of TAGME certification.
Co-chairs: Lindsay Clark, Traci Wooden

Lucille Fusaro Meinsler Program Administrator Award 

Prepares application materials, reviews and evaluates nominees, notifies the award winner, and presents the award at the AADPRT annual meeting.
Chair: Ola Golovinsky


Strives to assist and support program administrators with their wellness and wellbeing. This is accomplished through newsletters, research, and presentations distributed through the ListServs and at the annual meetings.
Co-chairs: Kristin Hollis, Jessie Skriner