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The purpose of AADPRT ListServs is to improve communication among members to better fulfill the goals of the organization. Contributors to the list are expected to use proper etiquette (see FAQ below or click the etiquette link below), confidentiality, and good taste. 

*Only AADPRT members can join the ListServs.

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Listserv Rules

Use of the ListServ for marketing (apart from training director recruitment) or campaign purposes is generally not allowed. Notifying subscribers of an existing training resource or publication for sale may be appropriate. Please contact Information Management Chair Ann Cunningham.

Email has evolved for many of us from curiosity to convenience to headache. It is expected that subscribers follow some simple rules to minimize the intrusion in our lives:

  • Keep messages concise.
  • Sign your messages with your name and at least a program identifier.
  • Provide a topic for each message. Do not rely on the "reply" button to provide the message subject ("RE:RE:RE:RE: workforce issues," etc) without editing it.
  • Do not send personal replies to the entire ListServ. If your reply is not of interest to the entire membership please send an email directly to the originator of the inquiry without including the ListServ as an addressee.
  • Do not retransmit the entire preceding pages of dialogue with each email you send. Edit your replies.
  • Do not include graphics in your email message.
  • Attachments should be avoided unless essential to the message and then must be kept small enough that the entire email is under 100K.
  • Never put anything in an email message that you would be embarrassed to have someone read whose respect you hope to maintain.
  • Do not use the ListServ to circulate surveys, jokes, forwarded humor, political commentary, or fundraising appeals.

2022 Annual meeting

Changing Self and Systems: Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity in Residency Training

Our 50th Annual Meeting will be in person at the Hilton Minneapolis! Click here for more info and to reserve your hotel room. Annual Meeting registration opens 12/2.