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Workshops and posters are key to the AADPRT Annual Meeting. Below you'll find 2023 selected abstracts, poster production instructions, poster contest details, and past poster and workshop materials.

2023 Selected Abstracts

Abstracts of 2023 selected workshops

Abstracts of 2023 selected posters

Abstracts FAQ

Poster Production Instructions and Poster Contest

Final poster artwork for presentation at the Annual Meeting and for the poster contest is due 1/19/2023. Absolutely no exceptions.

Poster production instructions

AADPRT is hosting its 7th annual competition for the best Annual Meeting Poster among accepted abstracts. We'll recognize a first place award and an honorable mention. Submissions accepted 12/6/22 - 1/19/23. Winners will be recognized during the 2023 Annual Meeting.

Past Poster and Workshop Materials

Past posters and workshops are available in the VTO. Click the link below to access them and then click "VTO" on your dashboard (requires member login).