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Meet Kalpana

prasad.jpgKalpana Prasad, MD is a new AADPRT member and recently received accreditation for her program at Northeast Georgia Medical Center. She credits AADPRT with making it happen. She also shares her personal side...

Please describe your AADPRT experience throughout the accreditation process and beyond.
When I transitioned into the role of a founding Program Director, I had the vision of how I wanted this program to look but the issue was delivering that vision in a timely fashion during the pandemic limitations. From details of psychiatry-specific ACGME required goals and objectives, making the curriculum, to choosing and developing faculty, AADPRT has been my to-go place. The Annual Meeting and the Virtual Training Office are both gems of information. Caucus of New Program Directors allowed for networking, frank conversations and exchange of ideas, and gave great resources and helped me join the listserv. Through AADPRT, I had a mentor and another PD both help me go through the details of the application process and site visit. That allowed for our program getting accreditation with no citations and the help from my new friends on the AADPRT Listserv has continued. Virtual interview season planning and holding the virtual residency fairs are just some examples of the innovative and timely tools the association has offered and it is very appreciated.

What are you most thankful for and why?
I am most thankful for the opportunities life has given me with full support from my husband and two children and blessings of my parents. Experiences in the three continents that I have worked have shaped me into who I am with an ongoing quest for knowledge and cross-cultural richness.

What would you like to do for a living if you weren’t a psychiatrist?
If I were not a psychiatrist, I would probably have joined the military. In my role as a program director of psychiatry I can now fulfill two passions by teaching the next generation of psychiatrists and serving the people in our community and country.


2022 Annual meeting

Changing Self and Systems: Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity in Residency Training

Our 50th Annual Meeting will be in person at the Hilton Minneapolis! Click here for more info and to reserve your hotel room. Annual Meeting registration opens 12/2.