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Peter Henderson MD Memorial Award

Submission Deadline: September 17


Winning institutions are not eligible to submit nominees for a two-year period (e.g. submitted in 2023 (won in 2024) is eligible to submit again in 2026).


The late Peter Henderson, MD served as an active member on numerous AADPRT committees and was the first child and adolescent psychiatrist to serve as President of AADPRT (1983-1984). Dr. Henderson was specifically interested in nurturing and developing an effective link between child psychiatry and general psychiatry. Thanks to initiatives developed by Dr. Henderson, the vast majority of child and adolescent psychiatry programs are now represented in AADPRT, enhancing and expanding the areas of interest within graduate psychiatric education.

The Peter Henderson MD Memorial Award, funded by AADPRT, acknowledges the best published or unpublished work in child and adolescent psychiatry. While all types of papers are eligible, manuscripts focusing on issues related to psychiatric educational content or processes are strongly encouraged. The winner will receive a $500 honorarium as well as have expenses covered to attend AADPRT's Annual Meeting.

To honor a trainee with the best published or unpublished work in child and adolescent psychiatry with the intention of memorializing Dr. Henderson's commitment to AADPRT and his educational efforts within psychiatry.

Nomination Guidelines
The candidate must be:

  • A current general psychiatry resident or child and adolescent psychiatry fellow or recent graduate (within past two years) from a general or child and adolescent psychiatry training program.
  • Individuals whose submissions do not receive the award are encouraged to re-apply with a different submission in subsequent years.


  • All Henderson Award recipients are disqualified from consideration for this award in subsequent years.
  • Program directors and institutions of residents submitting nominations must be members in good standing with AADPRT (i.e., current institution and individual membership dues must be paid).

Nomination Process

The nomination must include:

  1. Completed online form. (view sample submission form)
  2. Manuscript
    • Manuscripts related to psychiatric education are especially encouraged. The manuscript may be theoretical, data-based, or descriptive. Acceptable formats include: description of an educational initiative (e.g. didactic or clinical curriculum or program), research study, literature review, or a case report. Regardless of type of paper, the review committee places highest priority on the resident's role in the conceptualization and execution of the paper. The resident must have contributed significantly and substantially to the paper; if the paper is co-authored, the resident submitting the paper must be the first author.
    • The manuscript must:
      • have been written while the candidate was a general or a child and adolescent psychiatry trainee.
      • have been reviewed by the program director.
      • be a scholarly paper contributing to the field of child and adolescent psychiatry.
      • be of publishable length (i.e., not to exceed 40 pages, excluding bibliography).
    • The submission is expected to adhere to a standardized pre-publication format (e.g. JAACAP, AJP, JAMA) and include an abstract and some or all of the following: introduction, objective, method, results, discussion, and conclusion.

Selection Process
Peter Henderson MD Memorial Award Committee consists of at least five AADPRT members. Regardless of the type of paper, the review committee places highest priority on the resident's role in the conceptualization and execution of the paper. Manuscripts will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Importance of findings and ideas
  • Clarity and organizational style
  • References (relevant & recent)
  • Quality of research design
  • Quality of discussion
  • Overall quality of paper

Please upload the manuscript.  The manuscript should be in a word processing format; pre-publication and publication proofs should not be submitted and will not be accepted.

A confirmation email will be sent TO THE SUBMITTER ONLY (training director) when the complete electronic submission is received. If the training director does not receive a confirmation within two business days, send an email to
All requests for confirmation must be received before the deadline. Materials will not be accepted or considered after the deadline.

Each item is 5-point likert scale (1 = strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neither disagree or agree, 4 = agree, 5 = strongly agree) unless otherwise noted.

  • Does this paper focus on issues related to psychiatric educational content or processes? Yes/No
  • The paper contains important findings or ideas.
  • The paper is written in a clear, succinct, and organized style, following a logical sequence.
  • The major relevant recent references are cited as far as I know.
  • It contains information highly relevant to Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  • The research design (if applicable) is clearly described and adequate to achieve the objective of the study.
  • The discussion and concisions are adequately supported by the papers findings or arguments
  • Overall Rating: Rate the overall quality of the paper (quality plus importance) -- 1 = Lowest 10 = Highest

Submission Deadline: September 17



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