The purpose of AADPRT ListServs is to improve communication among members to better fulfill the goals of the organization. Contributors to the list are expected to use proper etiquette (see FAQ below or click the etiquette link below), confidentiality, and good taste.

*Only AADPRT members can join the ListServs.

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Listerv FAQ

What are the rules for appropriate use of the ListServ?
Use of the ListServ for marketing (apart from training director recruitment) or campaign purposes is generally not allowed. Notifying subscribers of an existing training resource or publication for sale may be appropriate. Please contact Information Management Chair John Luo (

Email has evolved for many of us from curiosity to convenience to headache. It is expected that subscribers follow some simple rules to minimize the intrusion in our lives:
  • Keep messages concise.
  • Sign your messages with your name and at least a program identifier.
  • Provide a topic for each message. Do not rely on the "reply" button to provide the message subject ("RE:RE:RE:RE: workforce issues," etc) without editing it.
  • Do not send personal replies to the entire ListServ. If your reply is not of interest to the entire membership please send an email directly to the originator of the inquiry without including the ListServ as an addressee.
  • Do not retransmit the entire preceding pages of dialogue with each email you send. Edit your replies.
  • Do not include graphics in your email message.
  • Attachments should be avoided unless essential to the message and then must be kept small enough that the entire email is under 100K.
  • Never put anything in an email message that you would be embarrassed to have someone read whose respect you hope to maintain.
  • Do not use the ListServ to circulate jokes, forwarded humor, political commentary, or fundraising appeals.

May I use the ListServ to send out surveys?
Due to the large number of individuals and groups wishing to conduct training surveys and the amount of member time this consumes, AADPRT reserves the ListServ for official AADPRT surveys only. AADPRT surveys are, by definition, surveys initiated or co-sponsored by the Executive Council.

What if I want to mail a survey to the AADPRT membership in hard copy?
The AADPRT office regulates use of the AADPRT membership mailing list for surveys. If you wish to mail a survey to the membership, send a copy to the AADPRT office for approval. Only surveys germane to psychiatric education and training will be considered.

May I post job openings for faculty and trainees on the ListServ?
You may use the ListServ for job postings that are relevant to residency training. This includes training director positions, coordinator positions, and residency/fellowship vacancies.

As a service to members, AADPRT also maintains a job posting bulletin board on the website. To post a position, go here.

For residency vacancies, you may consider using the APA ClearingHouse webpage and the AAMC Find A Resident webpage.

May I use the ListServ to endorse candidates for elections?
You may use the ListServ to send endorsements for APA candidates, however you must conform to the APA's campaign guidelines. Please reference APA’s website for additional information.

You can similarly use the ListServ for other elections involving relevant psychiatric organizations.

You may NOT use the ListServ for political endorsements unrelated to psychiatric organizations (e.g., national elections).

Whom should I contact with questions about ListServ policy?
Email Information Management Chair, John Luo.

How can I obtain Technical support for the ListServ?
Email the ListServ manager at

Can I attach documents to AADPRT ListServ messages?
As long as the total message size including attachment remains under 100K you may use attachments. HOWEVER, there are some AADPRT members who are unable to open PDF files or Microsoft Word documents. So the most dependable means of getting a message out is a plain text message.

I am having trouble opening attachments to messages received via the AADPRT ListServ. What can I do to fix this?
If the attachment ends with the suffix .doc, it is a Microsoft Word document and can only be read by individuals who have Microsoft Word (or Microsoft Office including Word) installed on their computer. If the attachment ends with the suffix .pdf it is an Adobe Reader document and can only be read by individuals who have Adobe Reader. For a free copy of Adobe Reader (for PC's, Mac's, or Linux machines), go to: and follow directions for downloading and installation. If you have Word and/or Reader installed on your machine and you still are unable to open attachments by double clicking on the downloaded attachment, then try opening the application (e.g. Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader) and open the downloaded document via the applications FILE >OPEN menu command.

How do I include a URL (hotlink to Web sites or download) in a message?
URL's (web address links) should occupy their own line to maximize the chances of all email programs being able to utilize them as hotlinks.

What can I do to protect against virus infection?
It is impossible to use email and be completely isolated from viruses. In RRC terminology you SHOULD have anti-virus software installed and you SHOULD update it monthly or automatically if your software has that option. If you are part of a university network, your school IS department may well provide free antivirus software. Never click on an attachment unless you know the source AND the attachment makes sense in context. Many viruses propagate themselves to look as if they are coming from the email address of someone with whom you communicate. The AADPRT ListServ simply routes messages and cannot propagate viruses. BE SURE to use an up-to-date virus-checking program.

Can messages on the AADPRT ListServ be read by anyone other than AADPRT members?
A staff member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology participates in the AADPRT ListServ as an observer. (ABPN staff also participate in all AADPRT meetings.) The director of the AADPRT office monitors the ListServ as does the representative from the psychiatry residency coordinators to the AADPRT Information Committee. The coordinator representative passes on any information of use to coordinators in running residency programs via the AADPRT coordinators ListServ. Archived messages can be accessed by logging in at

How can I avoid multiple AADPRT messages piling up in my email inbox?
You may wish to set a filter in your email program to have all messages coming from AADPRT be placed in a folder you designate for that purpose. They will not show up in your inbox and you can then read the messages when convenient. You can find directions on setting up such email filters by going to the support section of the Web site associated with your email program. You can also visit the AADPRT ListServ help page and set your preferences to "digest" and receive only one email per day with all messages from that day.