Residency and Fellowship Application Information

Applicant Guidelines - part 1 (general psychiatry)
Applicant Guidelines - part 2 (child psychiatry/transfers)

Key Elements of the Application:

  • Medical School Performance
  • Personal Statement
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • USMLE Scores
  • Other Significant Activities

Interview Tips:

  • Scheduling Courtesy -- avoid last minute cancellations
  • Goodness of Fit -- both programs are applicants should view the interview as a way to determine goodness of fit
  • Bring your best self -- address any areas of question in your application and highlight your strengths
  • All Activities should be considered part of the Interview -- dinners, greetings with staff, and informal resident interactions are all part of the process

Transferring Between Programs

  • Inform your current Program Director prior to formal negotiations with another program
  • After being offered a position, two weeks is the general timeframe when a decision should be made

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