The management of graduate medical education training programs has evolved into a complex process that involves not only the understanding of accreditation and board requirements, but also the ability to successfully apply that understanding. The National Board of Certification for Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education Programs (TAGME) was created to establish standards for the profession, to acknowledge the expertise needed to successfully manage graduate medical education programs, and to recognize those administrators who have achieved competence in all fields related to their profession. Certification is voluntary.


Two consecutive years of experience in the same clinical specialty or subspecialty and accumulation of 15 Education Credits (ECs) within the last two years through a combination of attendance at conferences, meetings or webinars, whose focus is graduate medical education. One EC equals 45-60 minutes of participation in GME-related activities.

The certification process begins by submitting an application along with $315 application fee during the yearly application period of January 1 through February 28.

YEARLY Application PERIOD IS January 1 - February 28 for both initial certification and Maintenance of Certification.

Certification Assessment Is a Two-Step Process

Certification is awarded upon successful completion of both the Qualifying and Certifying Assessments.

Step 1 - Qualifying Assessment (QA)

  • 3.5 hour, web-based, open book
  • 100 randomly-selected multiple choice and fill-in-the blank questions
  • Resource documents
  • Successful completion is 80% or greater

Step 2 - Certifying Assessment (CA)

  • Tool sent to you via email
  • Open book format
  • 55 narrative and matching questions
  • Assesses applied knowledge
  • Citations are required in designated sections
  • Two-month window for completion
  • Completed tool returned to TAGME via email
  • Successful completion is 80% or greater
  • NOTE: Professional presentation of CA is important part of the review.
  • Certification valid for 5 years

Knowledge Content Areas

  • Annual Surveys
  • ACGME Programs: WebADS and GME Track
  • AOA Programs: Opportunities and TIVRA
  • Milestones and competencies
  • Evaluations
  • Clinical Competency Committees
  • Procedure/case logs
  • Site visits
  • Web site navigation and governing bodies
  • Milestones reporting
  • ACGME/AOA policies and procedures
  • Recruitment and recruitment tools

Preparation for Certification

  • Knowledge of the day-to-day management of a training program is a major part of preparation for certification.
  • Know your resources. Candidates must have the following documents available for the assessments to provide citations where required.
    • ACGME programs:
      • ACGME Common Program Requirements
      • ACGME Institutional Requirements
      • ACGME Glossary of Terms
      • ACGME Policies and Procedures
      • TAGME Acronyms List
    • AOA programs:
      • Basic Documents for Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institutions
      • AOA Alphabet Soup

Maintenance of Certification Assessment Tool

Maintenance of Certification tool is the same format as the Certifying Assessment. Candidates will not need to repeat the Qualifying Assessment Tool.

Criteria for Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

TAGME Certification is valid for five years. To maintain certification, you must recertify during your fifth year.

Application for maintenance of certification must include:

  1. Documented meeting attendance of a total of 20 hours of Educational Credits (EC's) through attendance at one national, regional, state, or institutional meeting within the past five years. Meeting focus must be graduate medical education.
  2. Webinars, podcasts, and on-line modules may provide for a maximum of five CEs toward the total credit.
  3. Must list a minimum of two personal professional development experiences (PPG) within the past five years. PPGs can be presentations at national, state, institutional, or program level; an active role in an activity or committee at the national, regional, state, or institutional level; or holding a leadership position at the department level. (Department Orientation or Clinical Competency Committee meetings are not eligible.)

TAGME Website: http://tagme.org
TAGME Information: Email us at: info@tagme.org

Resources (http://tagme.org/helpful-links/)

ACGME, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

AHME, Association for Hospital Medical Education

AMA, American Medical Association

AMA/AAMC/LCME Directory of Medical Schools

ABMS, American Board of Medical Specialties

AOA, American Osteopathic Association

AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program

CMSS, Council of Medical Specialty Societies

COGME, Council on Graduate Medical Education

ECFMG, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates

ERAS, Electronic Residency Application Service

ICE, Institute for Credentialing Excellence

Joint Commission

Journal of Graduate Medical Education

NRMP, National Resident Matching Program