New Training Director Symposium

Program Directors (PDs) are in the unique position of certifying that each graduate is competent to practice independently in the community. This privileged position comes with significant responsibilities and requires substantial expertise to ensure that training is effective and that each graduate has gained the requisite knowledge, skills, and professionalism for independent practice. Success as a PD relies on developing a practical, organized approach to daily demands while relying on the support of colleagues, mentors, and the Program Coordinator. Ultimately, career satisfaction derives from watching your trainees develop into leaders in advocacy, research, education, and patient care in the field.


The workshop has two parts:

1 )Brief didactics: Designed to orient the new Program Directors (and Associate/Assistant PDs) to the position, to career opportunities, to new challenges, and to AADPRT as an organization. The didactic portion includes “nuts and bolts” of being a new training director

2) Small Break-Out Groups: Led by senior PDs and Assistant/Associate PDs in general and child and adolescent psychiatry, these groups will offer their new peer group members the opportunity to meet, network and discuss practical solutions to challenges and opportunities faced. An experienced director will facilitate discussion of issues confronting the group's new directors. Participants are invited to present current problems in their own programs. Group members will work together to develop constructive responses and solutions. In the spirit of teaching the teachers, we hope to enhance the knowledge and skills of each training director as they approach their new role, to facilitate long-term working relationships, and to promote the organizational philosophy of joint collaboration in the interest of training the next generation of superior psychiatrists.