BRAIN Conference


This event will sell out! Attendance is limited to the first 300 registrants.

The BRAIN Conference, scheduled for March 8th, will focus on enhancing skills for teaching neuroscience in the classroom and translating these skills into clinical settings. David Ross, Melissa Arbuckle, and Mike Travis will again be chairing this incredible educational experience.

Over the past two decades, advances in neuroscience have dramatically enhanced our understanding of the brain and of the neurobiological basis of psychiatric illness. Yet teaching neuroscience remains fraught with challenges: the field is vast and constantly evolving; many programs lack access to faculty with content expertise; and the clinical relevance is not always clear.

At the same time, the way we approach teaching and learning is itself experiencing a paradigm shift. New technological advances and insights from the literature on adult learning theory are ushering in a new era in education. Lecture halls are vacant, textbooks are passé, and Google is the go-to resource. Emerging data confirm what we instinctively understand: the fundamental way in which learners engage with content is also changing.

The National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative (NNCI) was established to help improve neuroscience teaching in psychiatry through the development and dissemination of resources that are based on principles of adult learning. In the past three years, we have introduced a range of teaching resources designed for self-study, classroom exercises, and clinical settings. The goal of this year’s meeting will be to explore how we can build on previous approaches and leverage 21st century technology in order to engage modern learners with cutting edge neuroscience content.

Through large and small group activities, attendees will receive training in various new and creative approaches to teaching neuroscience. The registration fee will cover all sessions, hand-outs, and breakfast and lunch. Sign up online when registering for the AADPRT meeting. We hope you will join us for an exciting and fun day!