Plenary Sessions

Opening Plenary

Thursday, March 3, 2016

This evening session will be the Shein Lecture, honoring the memory of beloved residency educator and 5th AADPRT President Harvey Shein.


Helen Riess, M.D. is Chief Scientist and Chairman of Empathetics. Dr. Riess is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Empathy and Relational Science Program at Massachusetts General Hospital and a member of the Harvard Academy for Teaching and Learning, the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, and faculty of the Harvard Macy Institute. Dr. Riess is a psychiatrist who developed an empathy training approach based on research in the neurobiology and physiology of empathy that has been rigorously tested in pilot studies and a randomized, controlled trial at MGH. Dr. Riess has devoted her career to teaching and research in the art and science of the patient-doctor relationship, and will be sharing this work with us.

second PLENARY

Friday, March 4, 2016

Our Friday morning plenary, led by Joe Layng, Ph.D., will focus on scientific and technological advances that facilitate lifelong learning.


T. V. (Joe) Layng, Ph.D. is the co-founder of Headsprout and was its senior scientist. At Headsprout, Dr. Layng and his colleagues designed, tested, and implemented highly successful Early Reading and Reading Comprehension programs, which are based on behavior analytic instructional technology. He currently is a partner in Generategy, an interactive technologies company that provides educational software based on principles of generative instruction. Through Generategy, Dr. Layng and his colleagues have launched Music Learning Lab for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch that teach children music fundamentals. He has four patents that reflect his work related to educational applications of behavior analysis. Dr. Layng will present cutting-edge findings to help us improve our learning environments.