Exhibitor Information

AADPRT looks forward to welcoming exhibitors to the 2020 Annual Meeting!

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the AADPRT Annual Meeting. AADPRT values the involvement of exhibitors at their meeting.


  • Approximately 900
  • 75% training directors, assistant/associate training directors, directors of fellowship programs, and residents
  • 25% program administrators
  • National representation

To exhibit:
Review the prospectus. Then, submit an application form for consideration no later than 12/31/19. Once application has been approved, forward appropriate payment to AADPRT no later than 1/17/20. The prospectus and forms below (shipping and PSAV) will help with 2020 event planning.

Exhibitor Guidelines

Exhibitor Application

Exhibitor Prospectus


PSAV - Audio Visual and Streaming Internet Order Form