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Nyapati Rao and Francis Lu International Medical Graduate (IMG) Fellowship

Submission Deadline: September 09


 Nyapati Rao, MD       Francis Lu, MD

Nomination and Selection Process Guidelines

NOTE: 2021 winners were recognized at the 2021 virtual Spring Conference and will be invited to attend the 2022 Annual Meeting.

Program directors and institutions of residents submitting nominations must be members in good standing with AADPRT (i.e., current institution and individual membership dues must be paid). 

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) are a substantial portion of the psychiatric workforce and occupy a significant percentage of residency positions in psychiatry. While IMGs often have extensive medical experience in their home countries, many are new to the U.S. graduate and post-graduate medical education systems, the U.S. medical culture, and to the diverse cultural groups represented in the U.S. As a result, they are faced with the intersecting challenges of professional, personal, and family acculturation. Over the years, many IMGs have made major contributions to research, administration, and clinical service, and now serve in the highest levels of organized and academic psychiatry. This fellowship program is designed to promote the professional growth of exceptional IMG psychiatry residents/fellows with leadership potential, particularly those interested in resident education.

Each awardee will be connected to a faculty mentor of their choice at the AADPRT Annual Meeting who, over the course of the coming year and perhaps beyond, will help them seek solutions to professional and acculturation needs. Furthermore, to enhance the experience, each awardee will be required to work with their mentor to lead a scholarly project (such as a poster presentation or workshop at an annual meeting of one of the major psychiatric organizations, or the submission of an article in a peer-reviewed journal) over the year. Mentors will be psychiatrists who have made valuable contributions to the field as educators, researchers, clinicians and administrators, and who have met many of the challenges the IMG fellows may encounter.


The goal of this program is to facilitate successful development of IMG residents as leaders in American psychiatry. This goal is reached by providing an opportunity for outstanding IMG residents, with leadership potential, to be mentored by senior role models in the field of psychiatry. Role models will provide mentorship around career goals, research and publication activity, teaching and educational activity, networking, and issues of adaptation and acculturation to psychiatry in the U.S. 


The objectives of the fellowship include enhancing the trainees':

  • Familiarity with national psychiatric residency training issues
  • Understanding of U.S. and medical cultures
  • Integration of professional networks
  • Consolidation of professional identity and career development plans
  • Leadership skills and ability to serve as a role model for other IMGs
  • Teaching abilities
  • Productivity in research and publication
  • Contribution towards advocacy of psychiatry as a field
  • Promotion of IMG initiatives and studies, especially pertaining to education


  • Each institution may submit only one (1) nomination per eligible year (e.g. institutions may not submit a general residency nomination and a subspecialty nomination, or multiple subspecialty nominations). 
  • The candidate must be in an approved PGY 2 or above general, or child and adolescent psychiatry residency program, or in a psychiatry subspecialty fellowship.
  • The candidate must be a resident both at the time of nomination and when the award is presented. Five outstanding IMG residents will be selected each year for this award.
  • Institutions whose nominees have received AADPRT/IMG Fellowships are ineligible to nominate candidates for the next two (2) nomination cycles.


The AADPRT IMG Fellowship Program is sponsored by AADPRT. There will be a recognition ceremony during the AADPRT Annual Meeting. The fellows’ expenses for attending this meeting will be paid by the AADPRT/IMG Fellowship Program.

Selection of Mentors

Mentors will be senior faculty who are selected by the IMG Fellowship steering committee to match the unique interests and career goals of the IMG fellows.

Selection of Awardees

  • Nominations are accepted for residents and fellows in their PGY 2 and above year of training whose programs have not had a winner in more than two years.
  • The program director must commit to permitting the nominee to attend the AADPRT Annual Meeting in order to participate in the fellowship activities. Expenses for this trip will be paid for by AADPRT.
  • The training director must submit a recommendation letter in support of the resident’s nomination. The letter should include an assessment of the resident’s strengths, educational achievement, and leadership qualities as well as information regarding resources for mentoring in your program and how this fellowship program can benefit the applicant.
  • Each applicant must submit a CV and an essay of not more than two pages outlining his/her academic and leadership achievements, career aspirations, and how the fellowship program will promote his/her professional growth. The applicant must also submit a list of three preferred senior AADPRT members who might serve as his/her mentor. The applicant should seek out mentor suggestions from their training director. Every effort will be made to make final selections based on these preferences.
  • The committee will select 5 fellows from the seven regions. The two regions with fewest applicants will be combined with other regions to create 5 groups of comparable size from which to select the fellowship winners.

Award Criteria

  • Training Director’s Letter and Personal essay are reviewed for:
    • Excellence in patient care
    • Potential as leader, advocate, and role model
    • Excellence and interest in teaching
    • Creation/implementation of innovative programs
    • Honors/Awards
  • As an educational organization AADPRT gives preference to applicants with an interest in education
  • Preference is given to residents and fellows coming from smaller programs with fewer resources for mentorship
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Please be prepared to upload all necessary documents.

A confirmation email will be sent TO THE SUBMITTER ONLY (training director) when the complete electronic submission is received. If the training director does not receive a confirmation within two business days, send an email to

All requests for confirmation must be received before the deadline. Materials will not be accepted or considered after the deadline.

Submission Deadline: September 09

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