Program Administrator Symposium

Thursday, February 28, 2019 - Saturday, March 2, 2019
Hilton San Diego Bayfront

AADPRT is one of the first organizations that has been a strong advocate for the position that supports psychiatry residency programs. Over the past several years, this select group of folks (regardless of our title) have presented many psychiatry specific topics that not only help with various issues in our jobs, but in many cases give a new perspective on an “age old” problem.

We Know You “Talk….” because you talk with each other when you attend this conference...and when you email…and even on the phone. And have you mentioned anything to others about how you handle a particular issue? Have you found a solution that works for you and your program?

It’s Your Time Now.… What better way to share than with your peers? As part of this year’s program, we are seeking proposals for 45-minute workshop abstracts and 2-minute tips given on topics of interest to program administrators. Subjects from the past ranged from resident interaction, the milestone project, and professional development, but we are open to your new ideas. Presentations may have one or more presenters or coordinate a group where everyone plays a part. And here’s another thought… is there something you and your Program Director would like to share? The only thing that limits you is yourself!

For the 2-minute tips, we would like to encourage mentors to pair up to advise new speakers. If you would like to be a mentor, please let us know. Below is a list of commonly asked questions that have been posted to the listserv that you might choose from but you’re free to submit a topic of your choice. This collaborative presentation could allow for the following topics:

  • Building closer working relationships between mentor and mentee
  • Foster participation within AADPRT conferences by encouraging new PAs to want to present at AADPRT
  • Providing your AADPRT peers with new ideas and best practices
  • Increasing collaborations in the future with other PAs within AADPRT

Topics suggested on the listserv include:

  • Graduation gifts (what does your program give to your graduating residents, cost and alternative ideas)
  • Tracking lecture attendance (how does your program track lectures and alternative measures/forms that can be used). This can also be used as a 45 minutes’ presentation as well comparing various residency websites/apps to see what is most effective (E-value, New-Innovations, google docs).
  • Board preparations: costs for various programs, what does one program over vs. another, benefits of one program over the other
  • Self-study documentation
  • Leave processes (methods for tracking, how many days are allotted for vacation, sick, educational)

Deadline for presentation submission is Wednesday, October 31, 2018. Submissions are reviewed for educational value, audience appeal, topic diversity, and innovation. All submissions must include educational objectives. We will let you know the status of your submission by: Friday, November 9, 2018.

Submission forms

Questions, comments, kudos, or complaints? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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