Conflict of Interest Policy & Disclosures


The mission of the American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training (AADPRT) is to promote excellence in the education and training of future psychiatrists. As such, AADPRT participates in a variety of educational activities directed at psychiatric educators. The integrity of AADPRT depends on the avoidance of conflicts of interests by individuals involved in developing and directing these activities, and individuals with decision-making capacity within the organization.

At the same time, AADPRT recognizes that the leaders of AADPRT also have significant professional, business and personal interests, and relationships. The purpose of this conflict of interest (COI) policy is to prevent the personal interest of these individuals from interfering with the performance of their duties. AADPRT seeks to minimize COI via (1) disclosure of possible COIs, (2) review of possible COIs, and, if necessary, (3) action to avoid COI.


A conflict of interest is a conflict, or the appearance of a conflict, between the official responsibilities of an individual in an AADPRT leadership position (primary interests) and her or his private interests (secondary interests). AADPRT requires disclosure of the following actual, perceived, or potential conflicts of interest:

  • ownership of, investment interest in, or compensation by any commercial entity involved in clinical psychiatry (e.g., pharmaceutical firm or device manufacturer), involved in psychiatric education, or involved in dissemination of psychiatric information (e.g., book publisher)
  • leadership role in other professional medical associations or other entities with an interest in psychiatric education (e.g. ABPN, ACGME, NBME)
  • other financial connections or support, such as employment, consultancies, honoraria, expert testimony, personal relationships, patent licensing arrangements and grant support, that might raise the question of bias
  • any current or proposed full or part-time employment, as well as any employment within the previous year. This includes the individual, her/his spouse, partner, and/or dependent children.

This applies to any such relationships that are currently present, that were present in the last year, or that are anticipated to be present in the next year. In addition to regular reporting, individuals are expected to disclose new possible conflicts as they arise. If uncertain, individuals should err on the side of disclosure.

This policy applies to:
  • Steering Committee
  • Executive Council
  • Chairs of all committees or task forces
  • Presidential appointees and liaisons with other organizations who sit on the Executive Council


Each individual within AADPRT who is required to disclose conflicts of interests must do so annually, and whenever a new actual or possible conflict of interest arises. The Executive Office will contact these individuals immediately after each Annual Meeting, and will monitor to ensure that all individuals who are required to do so submit their disclosures by May 31.

The Steering Committee is responsible for the review of disclosures, determination if a conflict of interest exists, and decisions regarding resolution of the conflicts. Criteria for assessing the risk of a conflict of interest include:

  • likelihood of undue influence: what is the value of the secondary interest? what is the scope of the relationship? how much latitude does this individual have in making important decisions?
  • seriousness of possible harm: what is the value of the primary interest? what is the scope of the consequences? what is the extent of accountability (i.e., will other independent bodies review a decision)?

If the review determines that there is a high likelihood of undue influence and that there is the possibility of serious harm, the Steering Committee may take the following actions:

  • require the individual to recuse herself or himself from any discussion and vote pertaining to this conflict of interest, or
  • disqualify the individual from participating in the activity that may be harmed or influenced due to the conflict of interest.

AADPRT disclosures may be found in the VTO under "Work of the Organization." Log in and click "VTO" on the left side of your dashboard.

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