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Executive Office

The Executive Office is your go-to place for all things AADPRT. It handles membership management and list requests, financials, the Annual Meeting, website maintenance, and awards, among other things.

Requests for membership listings (postal only) are also made thru this office.
  • All requests must be approved by the Executive Office
  • Cost is $700 for a one-time use
  • List provided in Microsoft Excel format and includes mailing address only
  • To request a membership listing, please send a copy or draft of the material you will be sending to members to the email address below. Please allow for 48 business hours for approval.

Contact the AADPRT office:
Sara Stramel-Brewer, MA
Executive Director
AADPRT Executive Office
PO Box 30618*
Indianapolis, IN 46230

*Indianapolis is in the eastern time zone.