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Feb 04, 2019

"Silent gratitude isn't very much to anyone." Gertrude Stein This final President’s Blog is my chance to express my thanks to all of you for the opportunity to serve as AADPRT President. The collaborative and generative spirit of our organization allows us to accomplish so much on behalf of our members. AADPRT provides all of us with tools that make our work easier. So many contribute! Here is a partial list of our achievements this year. Last March, we inaugurated a Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Chaired by Adrienne Adams, this group has started the work of establishing the demographics of our organization, and will be working toward developing model curricula and best practices for recruitment and retention of a more diverse and inclusive workforce. We presented an AADPRT sponsored workshop, organized by Art Walaszek, on Structural Competency at AAP, and will be presenting a Presidential Symposium organized by Sandra DeJong, at the APA, entitled “Creating a Culture of Respect, Diversity and Inclusion in the Clinical Learning Environment”. In several weeks, my President’s Symposium at the Annual Meeting will feature Ruth Shim, MD, MPH, who will lead us all in an experiential workshop in structural competency. Our Addictions Task Force is going strong, working to develop educational products to help us all be more effective educators in this critical area. Following the lead of the Psychotherapy Committee, we are all now receiving a “Tip of the Month” in addictions. I know many of you benefit from the posts made by the Recruitment committee or have logged on and found a model curriculum for a topic you wanted to teach more effectively. These are but a few examples of the work that our members do to make AADPRT a strong support for training directors. We worked with CMELL and the Chairs’ group to respond to the proposed ACGME CPR’s earlier in the year. We are planning to work in collaboration with other organizations about wellness and workforce in the coming months. Finally, planning for the Annual Meeting is almost finished. This year we will be enlarging our Faculty Development offerings. NNCI promises another exciting BRAIN pre-meeting, and we will have the chance to honor our awardees. Mike Travis has done a spectacular job. As President for this past year, my work has been made so much easier because of the talents and generosity of the Steering Committee and Executive Council. Adam Brenner, who ably takes the helm, will be the next beneficiary of their wisdom. We’ve had a number of leadership transitions on the Executive Council, bringing new members and new perspectives to the group. Chandlee Dickey, Lisa Cullins, and Judy Lewis stepped off of EC, and Kim-Lan Czelusta, Saurav Sengupta, and Joy Houston joined. At the end of the annual meeting, when the president transition occurs, others will rotate on and off the leadership team. We work to make certain that there is a regular turnover on EC to make certain there are different perspectives and a pipeline for new organizational leadership. Our committees and caucuses provide us with future officers and committee chairs. Finally, Sara Stramel-Brewer has continued to be an amazing partner in our work. She has been efficient, good-humored, hardworking and patient, and we are so fortunate to have her on our team! Thanks to everyone who answered email, phone messages, surveys ad nauseam, who contributed in ways great and small, who volunteered service and good humor to this enterprise. We have an exciting year ahead! “Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk.” Rumi