AADPRT Introduces IT Task Force

Aug 25, 2017

Information Technology (IT) has become a critical aspect of running any contemporary professional organization. Given greater needs for IT as our organization has grown and technologies have become more sophisticated, AADPRT moved to a different vendor two years ago. That vendor, Informatics, works in conjunction with our Executive Director (Sara Stramel Brewer) who works with the Information Management Committee (currently co-chaired by John Luo and Sanjai Rao).

AADPRT's IT needs continue to expand: Various AADPRT components (task forces, caucuses, etc.) increasingly request IT features to disseminate and perform their work. Members want to quickly and easily navigate our website to access materials. As components proliferate, requests for listserves increase.

In order to thoughtfully consider our current IT use as it relates to supporting our mission, and make recommendations for how to improve its functionality and efficiency for the future in the most cost-effective way possible, I have appointed an IT Taskforce. The Taskforce is co-chaired by Suzanne Murray and Bob Boland, and members include Adrienne Adams, Sheldon Benjamin, Rob Marvin, Ed Kantor, Sanjai Rao, John Luo, Kim Kirchner (Program Administrator) and Sara Stramel Brewer (Ex officio).

Suzanne, Bob and I would be very interested in hearing about your IT concerns and suggestions. Please feel free to email Suzanne, Bob, or myself.

Sandra M. DeJong, MD, MSc

President, AADPRT