Academic Psychiatry Call for Papers

Oct 26, 2016

Message from Academic Psychiatry

The Business Case for Academic Psychiatry

"Without a mission, there is no margin" ...but a well-articulated, convincing mission can be invaluable in inspiring and sustaining the work needed to generate resources in support of academic psychiatry. Have we, as psychiatric educators and academicians, demonstrated the value of the field of academic psychiatry (the common noun, not the journal title) to the stakeholders and partners who support us, and have we been as mindful of our contributions to our margins as well as to our missions? Our journal is looking for articles that cover the roles of academic departments, for example, in improving quality and cost-effectiveness in health care systems, serving high-risk/high-needs populations, ensuring an adequate and well-prepared workforce, training colleagues in forward-thinking health care teams, and leveraging appropriate governmental and community resources, among other topics. Submissions of interest include analytical articles, data-based articles, commentaries, and letters to the editor from different stakeholders, including department chairs, department administrators, academic program leaders, and health care economists. The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2017. To submit an article, use the online Editorial Manager found here.