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New Website

Nov 20, 2015

Hello all Hope you are enjoying a good summer and getting some relaxation in during this time. I’m excited to tell you that soon, we will be rolling out our new website. Although our current site has served us well for many years, it is time for an update. The new site will have a cleaner interface that reflects our “modern” use that demands the kind of flexibility that will accommodate both wide screens as well as mobile devices. Along with the new look, it will help us automate many of the tasks that keep Sara very occupied now. One of those tasks is keeping track of membership. We will be updating our system for keeping track. This will have many benefits, including the ability to personalize your page (and answer the call many have had for a directory that includes pictures), and allow more streamlined systems for membership renewal. This will be a great improvement; however the new system will be so radically different that we will not be able to import the old system. This means that, when it is up and running, when we renew our memberships this year, we will have to create a new profile for ourselves. A bit of a pain, but it is a onetime thing, and again the result will streamline many of the tasks that Sara currently has to do manually. Speaking of Sara Stramel-Brewer, our Administrative Director will be much occupied helping to upload information and work with the webmasters to finish the site over the next month or so. I know this goes against her grain, but I’ve advised her that she should concentrate on this and become otherwise less available to us. Usually things are not too busy for now, but I’d encourage everyone to hold non-urgent questions and business until this job is done and we announce the roll out of the site. If there is anything I can help with, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. If you do have to write her, please understand if the reply takes longer than usual. Thanks all. Again, best wishes for the remainder of the summer and I’m looking forward to when I can announce the opening of the site! Bob Boland President, AADPRT